Tell your story visually

As a digital media company, we recognise the importance and power of video content for promoting your brand and service.

While convenient and efficient for the consumer, video content provides brands with an attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable medium to reach their audiences. Over 40% of video content is viewed on mobile devices. In a world where consumer attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, video is an efficient medium for reaching consumers in a fast and effective manner.

Our in house production team at Agriland can help you plan, produce and edit video content that can be used independently or as part of a targeted advertising campaign with display and native advertising.

Check out some examples of video content we have produced below. Get in touch today to discuss how we can enhance your marketing campaigns with video.


We partnered with AIB and pioneered an innovative digital campaign telling the story of young and ambitious farmers. ‘Progressive farmer focus’ is a new series of articles, in partnership with AIB, profiling progressive farmers around Ireland and how they are planning for the future

This series involved interviewing 5 young progressive farmers, producing written content. Additionally videos were planned, filmed and edited to accompany the campaign for each of the farmers featured. The campaign was published across the AgriLand.ie website, app and social networks.


We partnered with Terrachem, a leading supplier of crop protection products to the Irish market to produce the “Crops Watch” series. The series documented the series of management decisions taken regarding some of Ireland’s most important crops.

The series combined a unique video diary of the progress made by the crops and was backed up with comprehensive technical content.


AgriLand were the official live stream partners for the 2017 National Ploughing Championships. For the 3 days of the event we broadcasted live from the site as well as from the AgriLand studio.

A total of 13 panels and 65 interviews were conducted with 122 guests taking part. The live stream was broadcasted from our on site studio, on the AgriLand site, mobile app as well as the NPA’s website. The stream gained a total of 426,267 views with the equivalent of 180 days worth of content watched.


Over the year we have conducted several fleet profiles with contractors from around the country. We profiled each of the contractors fleets and interviewed them to gain an insight into their operations.

In addition we also produced a video of their fleets in action. Video content increases reader engagement with these pieces and were also be shared across our social channels


Our classic corner series focused on restored classic tractors. We spoke with their owners and profiled the machines history as well as the restoration process.

The was accompanied by short-form videos around each of the tractors, increasing engagement with the content. These videos were then also re-purposed an distributed across our social channels.


Often words just can’t describe a product as well as video can. We regularly produce short form videos to showcase a product. These short form videos are a quick and easy way to showcase a product to our audience.

We produce each of these videos in slightly different formats depending on the platform that we intend to use them on, optimising reach and engagement.